Hi there, welcome to Last Gen Gaming! My name is Lumine, and I created this website as a personal space where I could talk about anything and everything to do with videogames. Reviews, news, discounts, recommendations - anything goes. The systems I'll be focusing on are the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PC, and sometimes mobile, because those are the only systems I own right now.

As you can probably tell from the name of the website, most of the time I'll be talking about older games. This is because over the years I've built up a huge backlog of games that I never got around to playing, and an even longer wishlist of games that I never had the opportunity to play because of time or budget constraints. But that doesn't mean I won't cover new games too - so many fantasic games are released all the time, and as a gaming addict I would never be able to resist all of them!

Right now I work from home, which means that I have more time to finally get around to some of those games in my backlog and on my wishlist. I hope my reviews of older games will be useful to anyone like me who missed out on a lot of the great games that were released in the past. Reviews of some newer games will of course also make their way onto the site, and I hope readers will enjoy those too.

Happy Gaming! 🙂